Miscellaneous Projects

A gallery of miscellaneous projects I've worked on through the years, including hackathon work, UI exercises, and other side projects.


Exploration for a calendar app paired with a focus on note-taking functionality.

Machine Learning Speech Therapy Concept

A guided and structured experience to help patients practice their speech abilities; created during EngHack 2021 (Top 3 Winner)

User Onboarding

A medical app onboarding flow designed during the Deltahacks V hackathon (Top 5 Finalist).

Ingredients Scanner Concept

An app concept that aims to help consumers better understand the ingedients on food labels, created at Deltahacks 7 (first place).

Investment App Concept

A financial investments app I designed at the Fidelity Investments hackathon that allows for management and browsing of different funds.

Business and Education Partnership Dashboard

A dashboard that matches professionals with educators for volunteering opportunities in classrooms. Created in collaboration with another designer, Joslyn, as a part of the UW Blueprint organization that builds tech for social good.